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Conceptual MC for HL1 and HL2

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Chapter numbers are for "Physics" by Walker 3e (the big blue hardcover textbook mostly used for HL1)


Highlighted chapters cover material on the AP Physics 1 Exam


Chapter 2: 1D Kinematics (Linear Motion)

Chapter 4: 2D Kinematics (Projectile Motion)

Chapter 5: Newton's Laws (weight, normal force, ramps)

Chapter 6: Applications of Newton's Laws (friction, springs, strings, circular motion)

Chapter 7: Work and Kinetic Energy

Chapter 8: Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy

Chapter 9: Linear Momentum and Collisions

Chapter 10: Rotational Kinematics & Energy

Chapter 11: Rotational Dynamics & Static Equilibrium

Chapter 12: Universal Gravitation

Chapter 13: Simple Harmonic Motion

Chapter 14: Waves and Sound

Chapter 16: Thermo: (T scales, specific heat)

Chapter 17: Thermo (Ideal Gas)

Chapter 19: Electrostatics

Chapter 21: Electric Circuits

Chapter 22: Magnetism

Chapter 23: Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 28: Interference and Diffraction

Chapter 30: Photon Energy (only 1 question)

Chapter 31: Atomic Energy Levels & Rutherford Model

Chapter 32: Nuclear Reactions, 3 Types of Radiation, Half-Life



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